Open Justice Baltimore (OJB) develops open source data projects to increase transparency of the Baltimore Police Department and Baltimore City officials. OJB aims to work with community organizations, lawyers, journalists, educators, and researchers to create tools for the benefit of an educated and empowered public.



We're often working on new and exciting projects, and we welcome others to propose projects as well. Read up about our current projects below. Everything we create is open source and available on Github.

Case Explorer

Case Explorer is a web application and set of APIs for exploring data scraped from the Maryland Judiciary Case Search by Case Harvester. The aim is to make an intuitive, easy-to-use Excel-like interface for browsing and searching through Maryland case data.

How to Get Involved

Open Justice Baltimore is an open source, open participation organization that brings together people from across disciplines to create informative and transformative projects that can move our criminal justice system. Does that sound exciting? Want to be involved? Absolutely!

  • Connect with us

    The best way to get involved is to join us on Slack, where we do much of our work. Contact us if you're interested.

  • Explore our data

    If you're a researcher, journalist, or just a curious citizen who wants to explore our data sets, let us know. Our data sets are always growing and we invite people to see what they can find in them.

  • Contribute code

    All of our code is open source and hosted on Github. Anyone is welcome to contribute by submitting code, improving documentation, and filing bug reports or feature requests.

  • Donate

    Open Justice Baltimore runs entirely on volunteer labor and donations are greatly appreciated. Click here to donate! We are a fiscally sponsored not-for-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible.